Friday, May 28, 2010

Brenese Cacao Butter Stretch Mark Cream

I tried Brenese Cacao Butter Cream to treat my Stretch Marks and I think it is the best cream out there for stretch marks and it is natural. I am a dark skin woman, and I had them on my arms, back of my legs, hips, thighs, you name it, it was not pretty. It is so concentrated that you only need very little. I have used it for three months and after three kids I needed all the help. It reduced my stretch marks and as I continue to use it, my stretch marks seem like they are actually healing. I think it works so well because it has Cacao Butter, Shea Butter and Jojoba oil as the major ingredients. I also used all over my body, it works as an anti aging cream for the body. Who would have thought that I would get rid of my stretch marks and look younger at the same time. You should start seeing results in about seven days. I thought it would be nice to let you guys know that there is a better cream out there you do not know about.


Anonymous said...

I have been using the Brenese stretch marks creams for five months now. I started using it for stretch marks but now I use it for my whole body too. A nice treat for me. Their face creams are luxury in a jar. Healthy and easy to use.

Anonymous said...

Almost all anti-aging supplements are not properly tested, so using these suppliants may tend to cause side effects. An expert anti-aging physician may be consulted.

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Unknown said...

Stretch marks have a variety of causes, but each result in embarrassment which can seriously threaten self confidence. There are many products on the market which all claim to either prevent or remove them. Chan

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