Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weight loss stretch marks – 3 unusual home remedies for weight loss strech marks

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Brenese Cacao Butter Stretch Mark Cream

I tried Brenese Cacao Butter Cream to treat my Stretch Marks and I think it is the best cream out there for stretch marks and it is natural. I am a dark skin woman, and I had them on my arms, back of my legs, hips, thighs, you name it, it was not pretty. It is so concentrated that you only need very little. I have used it for three months and after three kids I needed all the help. It reduced my stretch marks and as I continue to use it, my stretch marks seem like they are actually healing. I think it works so well because it has Cacao Butter, Shea Butter and Jojoba oil as the major ingredients. I also used all over my body, it works as an anti aging cream for the body. Who would have thought that I would get rid of my stretch marks and look younger at the same time. You should start seeing results in about seven days. I thought it would be nice to let you guys know that there is a better cream out there you do not know about.

A Story By Revitol Stretch Mark Cream User

Revitol Stretch Mark Cream
Revitol Stretch Mark Cream

My name is Linda Jasmine. I am 29 years old(or young) and am a stay at home mom. About a year back I gave birth to two twins, Jonathan and Paul whom I now spend most of my time with throughout the day, feeding them, cuddling with them, teaching them new things and of course playing with them……like every 10 seconds. :-)However while these two were still inside me(probably kicking each other the way they do now) i.e during my pregnancy days I had gradually developed prominent stretch marks and scars by the sixth month of pregnancy around my belly region and abdomen which appeared as reddish lines in some areas. My doctor said that this was a common occurence among pregnant women and told me not to get worked up over it as it wasn’t going to harm me in anyway at all,but suggested that if I really wanted to get rid of it, I should go for either a laser treatment or a tummy tuck. I didn’t really want a complex procedure as I felt it was a bit unnecessary so I asked him whether there were any quality creams or lotions that would solve the problem and if he could recommend something useful. Although there were a few creams available he wouldn’t recommend any as he said they were unreliable as far as he knew and couldn’t guarantee that they would work. But since I was being enthusiastic about it he asked me to go ahead and give it a go.

So I went ahead and did a simple search on google for “stretch mark removal creams”. I found a couple of brands out of which Seatonic and Mederma seemed to be the more popular and reliable ones. I bought a bottle of each of these and religiously applied them for days together with hopes of getting rid of my unsightly stretch marks. After nearly 4 weeks of smothering myself with creams left right and center I was very much disappointed and frustrated as they were not working one bit and my stretch marks were still as prominent and stretched up as ever with no improvements at all. I thought of trying some other brands but then I didn’t want to waste any more money and decided to go for the laser treatment instead. So I fixed an appointment with my doctor and wanted to start the treatment as soon as possible as this was getting to be a real headache and nuisance. However, surprisingly this same doctor who had warned me against these stretch mark removal creams now tells me about a product for stretch marks that had just been launched from a company called Revitol which he claimed usually came out with pretty good products and I should really give it a try.

So yeah I ordered it, got it a couple of days later and tried it out. I could see that the quality of the cream was much better but didn’t unnecessarily get my hopes up as stretch mark creams were now branded “unreliable” , “useless” and “Big waste of money” in my head. Well, five days later after applying this cream everyday, I could see that my stretch marks were actually starting to reduce and for once this cream actually had a decent smell unlike the other two which smelt more like floor cleaning solutions used in the hospital. Over the next two weeks with continuous application of this cream day after day, my pregnancy scars and stretch marks gradually reduced and soon became barely visible. I was very happy with the results as this was indeed a quality product and the manufacturers obviously took into account that people……..human beings would be using it(good smell) and not the rats living in my backyard. Below is a picture of my skin before and after using this cream. You can see the level of improvement I have had within a period of 2 weeks. See the picture above.

I am sure there are a lot of people looking out for stretch mark creams but the truth is very few of them actually work.(from my experience atleast). I am very happy with the results I had with this cream and can only hope that other companies sincerely manufacture such quality products that do work as effectively.

So, I would recommend you to use Revitol Stretch Mark Cream

By Linda Jasmine

Saturday, April 24, 2010

About Stretch Marks

Stretch marks often start off as purplish or reddish in color and then become glossy skin that appears streaked in white or silver. Skin does not back to normal if it is been stretched by rapid growth due to weight gain, pregnancy, or extreme weight loss. Instead, it becomes decorated by a form of scarring called stretch marks, or striae. Stretch marks occur in the skin layer known as dermis, which is the elastic middle layer of skin that allows it to retain its shape and effect. However, due to constant skin stretched, the dermis can break down and resulting the stretch marks. Both men and women are not excluded from having stretch marks on several areas of their bodies, including the abdominal area, breasts, upper arms, thighs, lower back or hips.

What should you do about stretch marks?
There are several alternative treatment for stretch marks prevention and cure. The degree of success with any treatment will be impacted by your age, your skin tone and even your diet.

The alternative treatment include:

Stretch Marks Surgery
Dermabrasion, chemical peels, or laser surgery can be used to address ugly stretch marks.

Prevention Lotions And Creams
A lot of over-the-counter stretch mark treatments are available. However, before buying any prevention lotions or cream, ask your doctor first to recommend one. And, if you are pregnant, discuss your concern with your doctor at the beginning of your pregnancy, before stretch marks develop, so that preventive treatment can be used.

Diet And Exercise
You need to drink a lot of water. This is to ensure that there is adequate hydration to keep your skin soft and less likely to develop stretch marks. Any drinks that contain caffeine can increase your risk of stretch marks. If you are stuck on your caffeinated coffee or tea, make sure you balance the fluids. Plain water is a good one. You need to drink just as much or more water as you drink coffee, tea, or soda. Beside that, nutritional deficiency can also cause stretch marks. Therefore, be sure to consume foods that promote skin health which rich in zinc, such as nuts or fish; foods high in vitamins A and C, such as carrots and citrus fruits as well as milk; protein-rich foods, such as eggs.

It is best to be in the care of a surgeon or dermatologist. He or she can determine which treatment options is best for you.
Does insurance cover surgery to remove stretch marks?

Insurance may not cover stretch mark removal treatement or surgery because it is consider as a cosmetic procedure (even thought the stretch marks are very serious). Talk to your respective insurance provider to find out what is covered under your insurance policy.

Reviewed by the doctors at The Cleveland Clinic Department of Dermatology.
Edited by Cynthia Dennison Haines, MD.